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How To Hire A Wedding Photographer

Our exclusive ‘HOW TO HIRE A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER’ page. Learn how to hire, what questions to ask, tips for choosing and what mistakes to avoid when you are searching for one of the most important WEDDING VENDORS for your special event.


Wedding Photography will undoubtedly be at the top of your budget when it comes to it’s importance and the role it will play in your overall wedding. And of course, the actual wedding day photography needs are top priority, but don’t forget about the other photography related issues such as E-pics (engagement pictures), which are often used for save the date announcements and just married announcements in your local newspaper. E-pics are also great to have because you can frame large or small photos and display them at the entrance of your wedding reception!


Ok, now on to the real deal of finding a professional photographer for your wedding. To keep in-line with what we have discussed in our budget recommendations, do not shop on price just yet! Rather, see many samples online and in person either by visiting the studio or going to a bridal show. Once you determine what quality will satisfy you, then you go onto the difficult task of finding a photographer that delivers what you want, within the budget that is comfortable with you. There are TONS! of photographers out there! And just because they are advertising doesn’t mean they are all professional. You have to be careful of weekenders and amateurs. Many photographers who start out have a decent portfolio because they have shot it over the shoulder of who trained them, or shot it in conjunction under the tutelage of their trainer, so be careful of that! Make sure to get a photographer who is tried and proven! Someone who can deliver each time and every time!


Most professional photographers shoot a combination of journalistic and formal, with the latter being the traditional posed shots that were once the common thing to do. Back in the day, it was the studio photographer who would come out to shoot a wedding, and not the photographer who was shooting rock bands or working for the press. As videography became more prevalent 15 years ago, photographers saw a need for journalistic coverage of the real time action of the wedding. Today, it is common for photographers to be versed in both styles. Some studios have two shooters with one doing journalistic and the other doing posed.


For a bride who is just starting her search for the right wedding photographer, knowing what you want in your package can be a big advantage. Think about things like how many hours of coverage do you need? Do you want one photographer or two? How many different locations will the photographer have to go to? Do you want engagement session, prints, an album? All these questions should be thought of prior to going to your first photographer interview.


The following questions are pretty standard, and the answers will give you some insight into the persons abilities and overall attitude with respect to how they approach the wedding. And because none of the questions are specific to pricing, film or digital or albums, you can ask them regardless.

1. How long have you been in business?
2. Do you carry back up equipment and any necessary insurance.
3. What happens if you get sick or injured and can’t shoot my wedding?
4. Do you shoot film, digital or both?
5. What is your attire when you film a wedding?
6. Do your fees include a sight visit prior to the wedding day?
7. Do you need to attend the rehearsal and if so, does that affect the price?

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