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How To Hire A Wedding Videographer


Many brides fail to see the benefits of hiring a professional wedding videographer for their special day. A professional wedding videographer will capture the sound, motion and EMOTION of all the guests attending your wedding. We all know that wedding photography is a must have and many brides spend big money on their wedding photographer. An equal importance should be placed on the wedding videographer as well.


Sadly, wedding videography and the wedding videographer are often un-justly pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Often, it’s the misconception of what role the videographer and wedding video will play in the overall scheme of things, that has many brides thinking of video as a low priority. Compound this with the added insult that many professional event planners actually recommend to their brides against hiring a professional wedding videographer. One SF Bay Area wedding coordinator recently went on live broadcast television and advised brides against hiring a professional wedding videographer. She tells brides to save their money and have a family friend to do the filming. This is equivalent to a wedding videographer telling a bride to not hire a wedding planning and just have your friend help you plan your wedding.


Our goal with this page is to try and get brides who are sitting on the fence with regard to videography, to reconsider. We will do this by relating stories we have received from brides who regretfully did not hire a videographer, as well as the happy brides who did! We are thankful that they changed their minds! CLICK HERE to watch a video of a couple who regret not hiring a wedding videographer.

Wedding Videographer

San Francisco Wedding Videographer


When a bride is given the opportunity to view a truly professional wedding video, this is often enough for them to change their minds. More often than not, it is the amateurish, home video that they have seen and may be the reason for leading them to believe they do not want a wedding video. The reality is, a professionally produced wedding video is a beautiful thing and often reflects the day as it was. Moreover, it is an opportunity for the bride to see the things that she missed or couldn’t have possibly seen..such as parents being seated, or the ceremony processional. Wedding Photography is great! But having a photographer doesn’t negate having a videographer. They are two totally different artforms, telling an entirely different side of the story.

Make sure to read our wedding tips on choosing your Wedding Videographer.


When it comes to videography, the most common thing we hear is that it is out of the budget. This is true if we take into account our budget theory detailed on our budget page. The bottom line is, if the videography is not important to you then yes, it will be out of your budget. However, if it were at the top of your list, and you wanted a really great video, then you would find the budget within your overall wedding budget to be able to hire a videographer. It really hinges on the fact of how important it is to you!


It is important to choose a videographer who will work well within the given parameters of your wedding. First and foremost is the lighting. If you are having a gorgeous, formal candle lit dinner, the last thing you want is a videographer who uses 1000 watt lights mounted on huge stands that stick out like an eyesore. These “10′ o’clock news” videographers often use bright lights in guests faces, light up the dance floor and often ask guests to speak directly into the camera offering best wishes to the couple. This style has been heavily frowned upon, but is still prevalent among lower end vendors today.

Another important factor is how well your videographer will work with you photographer. Most brides will agree that photography is paramount. Therefore, if your photographer offers a professional videography service, then it’s recommended to go with that. If your photographer offers video, but not as professional as you would like, seek out a videographer who is open minded about giving your photographer as much room to work as he or she needs.

A good videographer will be your eyes and ears for the things you are not seeing and hearing.


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