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Wedding Planning: Transportation, Limos, Horse & Carriages, etc.

There are many types of transportation available for your wedding day. From limousines, rolls Royce, land yachts, to horse and Carriages, anything you can imagine is now available for your most special day. Below, we have provided some content from one of our most esteemed transportation vendors to help you shop for wedding transportation.

What should you budget for your Wedding?

This depends on the type and number of vehicles you are planning to rent. Please understand that most limousine services have a rental minimum of 3 hours. Most services do not offer “pick-up” and “drop-off” service as this only consumes 1 hour of time.

Limousines are costly business assets; it is not cost effective for limousine services to offer their service for 1 hour. Typically a 1 hour rental would consume more than 3 hours when considering travel times and vehicle preparation. You cannot rent a hotel room for 5 hours; limo service is similar.

A typical wedding rental package runs from $250 – $500 for 3 hours of service depending on your vehicle preference. Exotic vehicle choices cost much higher. For example, a standard white 8-passenger stretch limousine would rent in the $250-$350 range while an exotic vehicle, such as a Stretch SUV Excursion would rent in the $500-$1,000 range – a big price difference!

When do you start shopping?

A good time to begin your wedding limo shopping is 6 to 9 months before your wedding date. Delays in your shopping could result in not finding your vehicle of choice. Conversely, most companies do not handle inquiries for service which extend beyond 1 year. To be taken seriously by a limousine service, it is best to begin your shopping duties within a year of your wedding date.

Can my bridal party fit in the limo?

Most limousines simply are not big enough to accommodate 12-14 people. Exotic vehicles can accommodate larger parties but are more expensive and limited. When shopping, make sure you specify the number of passengers you want traveling. Although a limo might be designated as a “10 – passenger” limousine, it may be difficult to squeeze 10 adults dressed in formal attire in such limos.

What is a good time to hold my wedding?

If you haven’t yet planned a wedding date, we strongly advise picking a date which DOES NOT occur in the springtime. Why? During prom season (March – June) prices are exorbitantly high because the demand for limo service skyrockets. Prom attendees scoop up all available services and many bridal parties are left without limo service options.

In the spring, bridal parties may find themselves with limo options that require 8 hours minimum and rental rates 30% higher than normal.

If your wedding date is in the spring, we suggest starting your limo search 1 year before your wedding date. You should also plan on making reservations 1 year in advance as well. For wedding dates during other seasons, 6 months is adequate.

Do we pay while the limo is waiting?

You still have to pay for the rental time during your wedding even if you aren’t physically using the vehicle. Although the vehicle is not in use, it cannot be used elsewhere; even when there are 2 or 3 hours in between the drop-off and pickup. However, exceptions do exist when there are 6 to 8 hours between a pick-up and drop-off.

Can we rent a limo for 1 hour?

In many cases the answer will b no. Most companies require a minimum 3 hour booking to rent a limousine. During prom season, expect this minimum to increase; as much as 8 hours minimum. High demand vehicles such as Stretch Excursions will often rent at full price with an 8 hour minimum. Unfortunately, you are more likely to get struck by lightning than getting a limousine rental for 1 or 2 hours during prom season. Limo prices explode during prom season, including weddings!